Coaches, consultants and creatives can...

Be Impactful. Be Valuable. Be Burnt Out.

set the stage for your best launch yet with a sustainable, scalable customer journey

Be Impactful. Be Valuable.

Be Burnt Out.

set the stage for your best launch yet with a sustainable, scalable customer journey

Stop coaching others to freedom while your own freedom gets further and further out of reach.

It's time for you to...

  • get un-stuck

  • conquer imposter's complex and stop doubting your abilities

  • carve out time for the people and practices that light you up

  • clarify a routine or method that highlights what you're capable of

  • banish shiny object syndrome because you have a proven system you trust

  • ditch the chit-chat meetings for in-depth demonstrations that showcase your skills

  • stabilize your income and work with exciting, highly committed, and fun clients that are a good fit for you and your working style

Grow your reach and Revenue...

without sacrificing rest and relationships.

are you ready to wake up to sales Notifications?

Check out my starter services...


The Dialogue

A 60-minute guided exchange...

You know what needs to be fixed. You just need help untangling your brain. Purchase a power hour and you'll get a:

  • 60-Minute Zoom workshop

  • Transcript so you can re-use your best lines

  • Resource Report so you can hit the ground running

The Audit(ion)...

a deep dive to uncover opportunities...

Is your sales page not performing the way you hoped? Are your emails not pulling their weight? I'll conduct a 30-point analysis of either and deliver recommendations that help you tighten up your act.


VIP day

The Spotlight

A weeklong VIP strategy session...

If you're ready to elevate from dreaming to doing, starting here is the first step to make your signature offer a reality. In one week we'll

  • Explore where you are now and what's gotten you to this point

  • Envision where you want to go in your business and in your life and,

  • Emerge with a plan to bridge the gap between the two using customer journeys/funnels.

How did i make the leap from model to marketer?

I was "discovered" while conducting a wine & spirits sampling. My life went from play dates and promotions to nationwide campaigns overnight. It was a thrilling 12 years, but...

my dream job became golden handcuffs, keeping me from the people and places I cherish most.

I witnessed incredible success, like million-dollar-sales-in-an-hour success, and even experienced a measure of success myself. But I never shook the feeling that I could and should be doing something different, something uniquely me.

Studying and practicing the marketing and persuasion tactics that fueled the campaigns I was featured in, funneled me back to my roots in marketing and entrepreneurship.

trusted by...

tara lassiter,

customer journey strategist

Let me help lighten your load...

"Tara Lassiter is the world's sweetest ringmaster, deftly orchestrating many moving parts of branding and copywriting elegance to wow us all with a robust content plan and community-building strategy."

Rebecca Gunter, Stoned Fruit

hand typing on laptop, iphone open to calculator, cash, and closed notebook

The Launch Box

This Free 20-page Guide Reveals My Process to go from Idea to Implementation & Launch Your Mini-course in just 7 Days

You'll get:

  1. The five ingredients of a light launch,

  2. A 7-day create & launch plan, &

  3. Exercises, resources & templates to keep you on track throughout the week

You'll also be added to the list for my newsletter, The Add to Cart Chronicles, where I share digital marketing tips, trends and takeaways.