the 5-step framework to strategically craft a welcome sequence for eCommerce brands

You'll discover the methodology behind a welcome sequence that turns followers into fans. I'll reveal exactly how to convert new sign-ups into buyers without relying on discounts to pull all the weight.

i'm tara lassiter

An eCommerce Strategist & eMail Copywriter with 17 years of marketing and eCommerce experience. I've worked with household names like Martha Stewart, Lori Grenier, and Katy Perry while operating my own private label Amazon brand. I bring a unique blend of guerilla-marketing scrappiness, with performance-marketing finesse, to activate your email list and drive conversions.

learn copywriting secrets like:

how to position yourself as the only option for your buyerhow to use your brand story to hook buyers and align them with your missionwhen to use a discount as your opt-in offer and when it actually hurts your marketing efforts

social media is for reach, email is for revenue

Acquisition costs are rising, organic engagement is falling and customers have a dizzying amount of options.
But all is not lost!
Email marketing ROIs continue to improve, and it remains the number one way to build relationships that drive revenue.

If you've struggled with converting your list into revenue, it's time to refresh your email marketing strategy. This framework will show you how to revamp your welcome sequence easily.

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