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Success is not what you make, but the difference that it makes in people’s lives.

Bernadette Jiwa, Meaningful: The Story of Ideas That Fly 

Hey, I’m tara

I’ve loved to tell stories my entire life. My first poem to be published, “The Cat” was featured in the local newspaper when I was in kindergarten. I won poetry and fiction contests regularly throughout my school years, prompting one high school English teacher to have me complete essays in her classroom after school to prove I wasn’t plagiarizing or using a ghostwriter. Even as an adult, I struggle to take her doubt in my writing skills as a compliment. 

In college, I worked as a Student Ambassador & Honors College Mentor, sharing the story of my university & encouraging bright-eyed teens to make it a part of their own stories.

I went on to become a brand ambassador for about a decade, specializing in wine & spirits brands. I worked my way up to the position of Philadelphia Ambassador for a single malt, traveling to country clubs & cigar bars, detailing the story of a delicious Speyside Scotch, the intricacies of its range of whiskeys & ideal pairings. During one of my tastings, I was invited to join the on-air team for a  major shopping channel. I spent nearly a decade learning the stories of fashion, beauty & accessories brands & learning how facts tell & stories sell.

Meanwhile, I remained the family’s designated writer & editor. When a sibling needed a new resume, I framed his experience with the keywords the hiring manager was looking for & the proven results he could bring to the position. When my mom was planning a party, I lent great penmanship & an original poem to accompany the event details. When my husband was completing writing assignments for his MBA & Master’s of Data Analytics, I rewrote them for clarity & focus, learning the art of breaking down & explaining complex subjects.

Maternity leave boredom prompted me to start my own Amazon store, which I grew to six figure sales in less than a year. When researching buyer behaviors & branding, I fell down the rabbit whole of eCommerce content marketing & excitedly absorbed the techniques of my next means of storytelling. 

Life as an eCommerce writer allows me to combine my love of storytelling, data & marketing in a meaningful way.

Thanks for reading my story, now let’s tell yours.

I’m a wife & mother of three, a wanderlust & lover of lists. I enjoy getting lost in books & movies, the feel of sand or grass between my toes & dizzying days filled with laughter at theme parks.

Thanks for reading my story, now let’s tell yours.

I write article-style blogs for B2B eCommerce companies of all sizes.  Sometimes I help companies build their SEOcontent strategy. 

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