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I am in awe of how cloud computing is changing how we work & live. My mission as a writer is to become a spokesperson for the SaaS industry, forging the path of the future. 

I’m Tara Lassiter

I help SaaS CEOs & SaaS Marketing professionals tell the stories of their SaaS applications in a clear, but captivating manner that attracts leads & moves them seamlessly through the marketing funnel.

I’ve loved to tell stories my entire life. My first poem to be published, “The Cat” was featured in the local newspaper when I was in kindergarten. I won poetry and fiction contests regularly throughout my school years, prompting one high school English teacher to have me complete essays in her classroom after school to prove I wasn’t plagiarizing or using a ghostwriter. It took me until adulthood to take her doubt in my writing skills as a compliment. 

In college, I worked as a Student Ambassador & Honors College Mentor, sharing the story of my university & encouraging bright-eyed teens to make it a part of their own stories.

I went on to become a brand ambassador for about a decade, specializing in wine & spirits brands. I worked my way up to the position of Philadelphia Ambassador for a single malt, traveling to country clubs & cigar bars, detailing the story of a delicious Speyside Scotch, the intricacies of its range of whiskeys & ideal pairings. During one of my tastings, I was invited to join the on-air team for a  major shopping channel. I spent nearly a decade presenting the stories of fashion, beauty & accessories brands & learning how facts tell & stories sell.

Meanwhile, I remained the family’s designated writer & editor. When a sibling needed a new resume, I framed his experience with the keywords the hiring manager was looking for & the proven results he could bring to the position. When my mom was planning a party, I lent great penmanship & an original poem to accompany the event details. When my husband was completing writing assignments for his MBA & Master’s of Data Analytics, I rewrote them for clarity & focus, learning the art of explaining complex subjects.

My husband’s pivot into tech piqued my interest as well. We dabbled in coding as a family, adding it to our homeschool curriculum. I found more intrigue in demystifying the underlying code or understanding the problems technology was solving than in building web applications themselves, leading me to decide to learn how I could lend my communication skills to the industry.

I’m a wife & mother of three, a wanderlust & telecommuting enthusiast. I love crisp white wine, getting lost in books & movies, the feel of sand or grass between my toes & dizzying days filled with laughter at theme parks.

Thanks for reading my story, now let’s tell yours.

I write article-style blogs for SaaS companies of all sizes.  Sometimes I help companies build their SEOcontent strategy. 

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There’s someone out there looking for the exact service you provide. Let me help you get noticed. 

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